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      Vaughan Broderick

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      About me.

      I’ve spent the last 25 years leading and growing businesses. Then, in 2018 I walked away from my fast growing company, backpacked 23 countries and started an MBA.

      After training with leading design thinkers, I now coach entrepreneurs and leaders to leverage creativity for innovation, strategy and service design. 

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      Every week, you get insights and tips on design thinking, innovation & strategy to transform your business. 


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      I offer limited coaching sessions to help you gain massive clarity, new skills, & loads of inspiration. Let’s grow together.

      Nick Scott
      Nick Scott
      General Manager Service Delivery, Brackenridge.

      “The experience was so positive and impactful for us that we have asked Vaughan back on numerous occasions to assist us with designing services.  His expertise in design thinking coupled with an engaging personal style makes him a valued member of the team that is transforming our organisation.”

      Dr. Chris Vas design thinking
      Dr. Christopher Vas
      General Manager Food Innovation Precinct, Western Australia.

      “Vaughan facilitated two days of design thinking for public sector management with government officials from Malaysia. The group greatly appreciated the interactive nature of the program combined with the opportunity to think and reflect on how the practices and skills developed would benefit the public sector and challenges with which they are grappling. Thanks Vaughan, hopefully we can repeat this next year. “

      Matt Cowan
      Matthew Cowan
      Senior Lecturer, University of Canterbury.

      ‘Vaughan’s advice around design thinking, innovation and strategy provided direction when needed. Vaughan’s understanding and communication around customer-centric design were vital to the success of my commercialisation project.”

      Samantha Ford
      Business Analyst, Airways NZ.

      “He walked us through the processes and techniques that he used to gather information and insights. Vaughan has a great deal of passion towards this field of work. I learned a lot from my discussions with him.”

      Ben Bainbridge
      Ben Bainbridge
      Operations Manager, Christchurch Engine Centre.

      “Vaughan has a nose for effective, value added change management. He has a perspective and lens that is uniquely adapted to seeing gaps others often don’t. Vaughan has grit, and will follow through no matter the difficulty.”

      Kay Liversidge
      Kay Liversidge
      Service Manager, Brackenridge.

      “Vaughan’s design has allowed me to see the service from the customers perspective, allowing me to know I am doing the right thing by the young person and their family. Vaughan is great to work with he is extremely collaborative, this is a true co-design experience.”

      Tarryn Burt
      Tarryn Burt
      Change Leader, Environment Canterbury.

      “Love your emails and articles Vaughan, they are truly awesome and get me thinking.”

      Allison Joubert
      Franchise Owner.

      “Vaughan has been an inspirational mentor and advisor to me. He shows decisive leadership with clear insight and guidance on innovation and design thinking. He is ready with strategic thinking and collaborative brainstorming. It has been an invaluable journey working with him!”

      Kase Craig
      Kase Craig
      Design Thinking and Inclusive Designer.

      “Vaughan has great skills for putting people at ease during interviews and his approach provides valuable insights into the user experience. I’ve seen this in his consulting and highly recommend him as an effective design thinking practitioner.”

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