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    3 Strategies Leaders Will Be Using in 2023

    Get a head start on your competition in 2023 and leverage these 3 strategies.

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      Picture of Vaughan Broderick

      Vaughan Broderick

      Over the last two months, I’ve been chatting with some the best leaders going around.

      I’m covering organisations that operate in the, for profit, not-for-profit and public sectors. And, they range from tech to agriculture to social services.

      The primary purpose is to gain deeper understanding about what makes a leader tick and the challenges facing leaders in today’s marketplace.

      More importantly, how they are responding to the challenges.

      I intend to give you a sneek peak into a white paper that I’m writing and will make available to the community early in 2023.

      So, even-though the interviews aren’t completed I wanted to share what has emerged so you can consider what it means for you.

      Some insights might surprise you. Some commonality might be reassuring.

      Today's Leadership Challenges

      There are three main challenges that were top of mind for the executive leaders:

      1) How to remain relevant.

      Several leaders are innovating their business model to ensure that they remain competitive and can thrive.

      An extension to relevance, product / market fit was important even for those providing services.

      “Our ability to be innovative and plan for future demand rather than just living in the now.”

      2) Gaining strategic clarity.

      Leaders are faced with dynamic situations often clouded in surface level details and information.

      They are wanting to understand their customers, competitors, market trends and the regulatory environment to make informed decisions about their strategic moves.

      ‘Need to cut-through the noise.’

      3) Reducing silos.

      Silos are present in most organisations and within the sectors.

      Leaders recognise that to result in better outcomes all internal ‘players’ need to communicate and work together for the same cause.

      Interestingly, some are looking to collaborate with competitors for mutually beneficial outcomes.

      ‘We aren’t competing on talent, it’s about the bigger picture.’

      Leadership Strategies for 2023 and Beyond

      Leaders are responding to the challenges with three significant approaches:

      Strategy 1) Defining the north star.

      Several leaders are going back to the getting clarity on the vision and purpose of the organisation.

      They see this approach as a springboard and way to cut through the market ‘noise’ that will in-turn help them and their team make better decisions.

      “A compelling vision that everyone understands.”

      Strategy 2) Culture is the new oil.

      As the saying goes ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’, it seems to eat everything else too.

      Leaders are pro-actively developing a culture that is inclusive and safe while remaining agile and resilient to the market dynamics.

      What is clear is that the person is more valuable than the skills.

      “Behaviours are your culture.”

      3) Increasing capability.

      All leaders are investing in their teams capabilities to position themselves to respond.

      The investment includes skills and personal growth from team workshops to employee experiences.

      “We’re here to help create a great experience.”

      The short of it

      • Challenges are more ambiguous and dynamic than ever before. And, the market expectations coupled with societal shifts are strecthing most organisations.
      • Leaders are going back to the fundamentals to increase clarity for decision-making, customer value, innovation and employee experiences.
      • Building team culture and team capability are critical to deliver on promises and adapt to the market.

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