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    7 Quotients to Accelerate Your Growth and Impact

    There's more to intelligence that IQ. Upskill your other 6.

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      Vaughan Broderick

      Vaughan Broderick

      Happy holidays!

      Firstly, thank you for being on this journey with me – I greatly appreciate you.

      As we near the end of 2022, I take time to reflect on the year and start planning for the new year.

      One thing is clear, I’m looking to lean in more to creating content and building this community.

      When I started thinking about designing an intentional life, content creation was a by-product, not a pillar.

      But, that’s the thing, when you start exploring interests a whole new world opens up.

      The same can be true for human quotients.

      The quotients that I’m talking about in today’s issue are ones that will have the biggest impact on your life and business.

      Quotients are the degree or amount of a specified quality or characteristic.

      Improve these 7 quotients and change your world forever.

      7 Quotients That Will Accelerate Your Growth and Impact


      Quotient #1 – IQ

      Intelligence quotient is probably the most well known of all the quotients.

      It’s the ability to learn & use knowledge for things like reasoning & solving complex problems.

      The interesting thing, is that IQ is not fixed. IQ largely depends on developing a growth mindset and environmental factors such as teachers, upbringing and cultural influences.

      Quotient #2 – EQ

      Emotional quotient is about the awareness of emotions.

      More specifically, being able to identify, harness & regulate emotions to work better with others.

      This ability is extremely important when leading others or in group settings.

      You can learn more about EQ capabilities in this article.

      Quotient #3 – XQ

      The experience quotient is an interesting one.

      But, if you’re work in or lead a business, the ability to understand what customers need & to create value to meet their expectations is critical for business growth and sustainability.

      Extend this concept out to future horizons and the next generations are moving between organisations faster, converging on their growth and capabilities.

      So, if your organisation doesn’t provide a fulfilling experience for employees, it will put your recruitment and retention at risk.

      Quotient #4 – DQ

      Nothing has moved the needle more than digital technology.

      The digital quotient is the ability to harness current & emerging technologies to add massive impact to customers.

      Teams that leverage digital technology have a culture that collaborates and responds quickly to changing market demands.

      Quotient #5 – CQ

      Creativity is one of the most in-demand characteristics.

      The creative quotient is the ability to explore & generate new ideas to respond to changes.

      Innovation is a necessity for most organisations to adapt to new opportunities and challenges.

      Building CQ helps to foster new ideas and enable people to become more innovative.

      Quotient #6 – AQ

      Adversity quotient is the ability to handle adversity & respond positively. It is critical to the resilience of individual and teams.

      Our world is changing at exponential rates.

      Problems are more complex.

      Ambiguity is the norm.

      Improving your AQ is seen as one of the most important quotients for success.

      Here are some books that helped build my resilience.

      Quotient #7 – VQ

      Having a vision and effectively communicating the vision is vital for leadership.

      The vision quotient is the ability to predict & exploit future trends by bridging gaps in your current-state, moving towards a desirable future-state.

      VQ is closely linked to CQ and AQ and requires teams to think innovatively.

      The short of it

      • The 7 quotients are critical for personal and business growth.
      • All quotients are able to be improved.

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      Let’s achieve together.

      🥇 LinkedIn Tip of the Week 🥇

      • The 7 quotients are critical for personal and business growth.
      • All quotients are able to be improved.

      If you enjoyed this newsletter, please share it with 1 other person.

      That’s all.

      Let’s achieve together.

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      One thing I found after 3 years using design thinking is that it improves all of these 7 essential quotients.

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