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    I started my first business 25 years ago. I failed.

    Fast forward ten years, I quit my job and founded my consulting firm. I grew this business over 12 years helping 2,000+ clients with $250M+ of lifestyle and financial assets. 

    That business was acquired in 2018.

    After exiting, I took a sabbatical, traveled  to 23 countries, gained an MBA, studied strategy and business design at global innovation organisations.

    My proudest moment at university was in designing a digital system to impact the lives of thousands of young people in care. 

    And, I serve as a mentor to students and business owners.

    These experiences led me to design my life with more intention and freedom.

    Now, I help entrepreneurs and business professionals learn design thinking, innovation and strategy skills to grow your businesses and give you the freedom to live your intentional life.

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    I love working with smart and interesting people from all walks of life.

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