Innovation by Design Bootcamp.

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Course Curriculum

The course curriculum, bonus content and schedule is indicative and subject to improvement.

Module 1


Days 1 & 2 explores the problem, builds empathy for people, extract insights and gains deep understanding.

Module 2


Days 3 & 4 builds your creativity confidence with rapid prototyping, testing and learning.

Module 3


Days 5, 6 & 7 identifies resources and provides a framework to overcome some of the biggest obstacles.

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    We’ve tested some of the content & here’s what they are saying.

    Kay Liversidge
    Kay Liversidge
    Service Manager, Brackenridge.

    “It will accelerate my ability to understand customers needs and design services to keep us competitive.”

    Matt Cowan
    Matthew Cowan
    Senior Lecturer, University of Canterbury.

    ‘Vaughan’s advice around design thinking, innovation and strategy provided direction when needed. Vaughan’s understanding and communication around customer-centric design were vital to the success of my commercialisation project.”

    DUCTRI Innovation System


    Learn a proven, structured approach to innovation & problem-solving.


    Leverage mindsets and practices to improve your personal & business life.


    Improve your ability to break down silos & change behaviours.

    Meet your bootcamp instructors.

    Dr. Christian Walsh

    Dr. Christian Walsh

    • DUCTRI Model creator.
    • Senior Lecturer – Innovation & entrepreneurship
    • Founder & Director.
    Vaughan mini profile picture

    Vaughan Broderick

    • Design thinking coach.
    • Ex-founder.
    • Business mentor.


    Executive Students





    In this video course Christian and Vaughan will walk you through the 6 phase DUCTRI Model that is proven from working with 350+ organisations in 120+ sectors. 

    You’ll discover, how to identify the right problem, how to create innovative solutions and how to develop and implement your innovation.


      How it works


      Immerse yourself in the problem space. Build empathy for users in their world.


      Make sense of the data and derive insight to make sure you’re solving the right problem.


      Ideate using structured creative processes to create numerous options.


      Select the best option. Then, experiment and prototype at pace.


      Uncover what you’ll need to bring your idea to life. Identify barriers ahead of time.


      Use proven strategies to engage stakeholders and gain momentum to adopt your innovation.

      People from these organisations learned the system.

      Canterbury Care Organisations

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      Some invaluable tools and freebies to get you innovating faster.

      Valued at $247.

      Organise your innovation project portfolio.

      A place for like-minded future thinkers to collaborate for even greater impact.

      Some of the most useful resources we’ve found.

      The exact playbook in ready to use reference style.

      You’ve done the work, you’ve earned the recognition.

      Some more positive thoughts.

      Nick Scott
      Nick Scott
      General Manager Service Delivery, Brackenridge.

      “The experience was so positive and impactful for us that we have asked Vaughan back on numerous occasions to assist us with designing services.”

      Allison Joubert
      Franchise Owner.

      “Vaughan has been an inspirational mentor and advisor to me. He shows decisive leadership with clear insight and guidance on innovation and design thinking. He is ready with strategic thinking and collaborative brainstorming. It has been an invaluable journey working with him!”

      Kase Craig
      Kase Craig
      Design Thinking and Inclusive Designer.

      “Vaughan has great skills for putting people at ease during interviews and his approach provides valuable insights into the user experience. I’ve seen this in his consulting and highly recommend him as an effective design thinking practitioner.”

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