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    Why Start a Podcast?


    Welcome back to the show everyone.

    In today’s episode #9 we’re going to leave the DUCTRI model until next week and talk about a few random things that have been on my mind

    Why create a podcast?

    There are three reasons that I’ll share with you today, they are purpose, creativity and confidence.

    • Well my underlying purpose is that I want to help busy entrepreneurs and executives unlock value using design thinking.
    • And, help people make a change in their life with the knowledge that I have built up.
    • I already mentor and coach entrepreneurs and wanted to share more on a one to many basis.
    • As we’ve learned in last weeks episode, creating good experiments to minimise risk. As part of the podcast experiment I am looking to test whether :
      • I do like creating it?
      • Do other people like listening to it and getting value from it?
    • I can say that after almost 10 episode I can say that I do like it. As I learn more, the show may evolve so I can ensure that I’m serving people better
    • As for whether people are enjoying it, I’ve has some good feedback which encourages me to continue. So, if you are liking the show, please leave a review, so that others can find it too.

    Next is creativity:

    • I am someone that has been in business for many years and found that while I am good at traditional business skills, creativity is something that is not common in that domain.
    • However, in my personal life, I’ve always loved photography, occasionally writing and building something. 
    • The opportunity to bring creativity into the business world has been a wonderful experience and something that I connected with immediately – such as design thinking, user research, service design, business and strategic design
    • I’m also certain that creative skills are more and more valuable in this VUCA world that we live in. 
      • Every report that I have read indicates creativity, problem-solving, collaboration as highly sought after.
      • But, also I’ve experienced the benefits of thinking differently to impact the future rather than be soley informed but past performance or data can have on an organisation, staff and customers.


    • As an introvert sharing publicly has taken a while to get to.
    • In fact, I’ve thought about a podcast for 2 years before starting
    • My first start in creating content is my website where I write blog articles about design thinking, innovation, strategy. This was a place to think, write and reflect, then fine tune and post. It’s a slower process which suited me. But, the podcast is faster pace and a different form – even getting used to hearing my voice played back was difficult.
    • In reality though the hardest things was the first step (just like most things) and now that I’ve started it helps to stretch my comfort zone, live with the ambiguity and the messiness of design. While I continue to learn more and share more.

    So for me this podcast is serving 3 main things:

    1. It’s helping people to learn skills and change their life
    2. It helps me to remain creative and put something into the world
    3. It gives me confidence by nurturing positive habits

    That’s all for this week – If you liked this episode – please share it with one person that needs to hear the message and leave a 5 star review.

    Don’t forget to head over to the website and grab the list of 101+ innovation resources as a free download from my website – link in the description.

    Until next time, thank you for listening in.

    Here’s to your success!

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