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    Workshops and events.

    I’m driven to help others succeed. I share design thinking and innovation by facilitating workshops or speaking at events.

    design thinking workshop
    Krzysztof Maliszewski
    "The pace, your engagement in what you do and present, your openness and honesty when speaking your opinions and about your experience. Also, creating one creative game to engage others to work together. I felt that you care about helping us by sharing your insides and tools."
    Julie Hampton
    "The process Vaughan took us through helped the team to clarify our thinking from where we have been to where we want to be. The design Vaughan used made it easy for everyone to understand and articulate, with no one being left out of the process. If you are contemplating a redesign of a service, I highly recommend Vaughan."
    Max Ito
    "It’s really good workshop to understand and try design thinking. Thank you!"
    Samantha Ford
    ""It was a fantastic workshop from which I took away some great learnings and ideas which I endeavor to utilize for my own project. It was clear from my discussions with Vaughan that he has a great deal of passion towards this field of work. I learned a lot from my discussions with him."

    About me.

    I’ve spent the last 25 years leading and growing businesses. Then, in 2018 I walked away from my fast growing company, backpacked 23 countries and started an MBA.

    After training with leading design thinkers, I now coach entrepreneurs and leaders to leverage creativity for innovation, strategy and service design. 

    Events I've spoken at.

    My approach.

    Every talk, presentation or workshop is tailored for maximum impact. I want to leave the audience with valuable insights that can be applied in the real world.

    And, we’ll work together to ensure the content meets your brief at every step.   

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