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    6 Leadership Styles That Impact Performance by up to 30%

    Use these 6 leadership styles to become a more effective leader.

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      Vaughan Broderick

      Vaughan Broderick

      Organisations rise and fall based on leadership.

      More to the point, leadership styles.

      We’ve all been led by someone who created a climate of fear, lack of trust or stifled innovation. Daniel Goleman terms this type of leasadership ‘dissonant’.

      A better style is ‘resonant leadership’, which can create a positive impact by using emotional intelligence with different leadership styles.

      Resonant leadership can impact performance by up to 30%.

      Today, I will talk about the 6 leadership styles balanced with 4 emotional intelligence capabilities to create a positive culture to transform organisations, innovate or deliver on strategy.

      Read time: 3 minutes 👇

      Let’s get going!

      6 Leadership Styles for Maximum Impact

      Leaderhip Styles

      Use these 6 leadership styles to create the right organisational climate to improve loyalty, motivation and outcomes.

      1) Coaching Leadership Style

      Coaching is about developing people holistically.

      When rapport and trust are established, motivation increases, leading to greater performance and a focus on people’s strengths and alignment to organisational goals.

      A leader requires empathy and self-awareness to coach others.

      The notion here is: “try this.”

      2) Visionary Leadership Style

      A visionary leader inspires people to connect with the future state.

      They exude confidence, show empathy and are a catalyst for change, leading to more outstanding commitment and retention.

      This style is best used when setting a new direction.

      The notion here is: “come with me.”

      3) Commanding Leadership Style

      A command and control leader sets the expectations.

      This leadership style is about drive and action when needing to act swiftly or deal with a critical problem.

      It is a style usually best used sparingly to avoid long-term harm to the culture.

      The notion here is: “do what I say.”

      4) Affiliative Leadership Style

      The affiliative style builds harmony, collaboration and alignment.

      Empathy, relationships and clear communication are paramount in this style to repair any dysfunction and motivate for common causes.

      The notion here is: “people come first.”

      5) Democratic Leadership Style

      Consensus (democratic) is a wise style when the need for member contribution and buy-in is prevalent.

      Collaboration, teamwork and good communication are all valuable traits of this style.

      The notion here is: “what do you think?”

      6) Pacesetting Leadership Style

      Pacesetting is all about being focused on performance and results. The leader will model the standards for others.

      Showing initiative and being conscientious are essential attributes of this style.

      However, use this sparingly to avoid de-motivation.

      The notion here is: “do as I do, now.”

      4 Emotional Intelligence Capabilities

      angry boss

      There are 4 EQ capabilities that leaders can be drawn upon to harmonise their leadership styles.

      1) Self-awareness

      Self-awareness means recognising your emotions, strengths and weaknesses and their influence on your performance.

      2) Self-management

      The ability to manage your impulses, your level of motivation, and responsibilities coupled with taking advantage of significant opportunities and being honest and trustworthy at all times.

      3) Social Awareness

      This capability is about sensing the emotions of others, showing empathy, navigating politics and meeting customer needs.

      4) Social Skills

      There are multiple ways to think about social skills.

      Here are a few I believe are essential, like using influence, good communication skills, conflict management and getting the messaging right.

      🥇 LinkedIn Tip of the Week 🥇

      🔥 Leadership Quote 🔥

      “I’ve got to create an environment and get out of their way.” – Martin Field-Dodgson, CEO, Mainland Football

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