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    Practice Leadership Strategy Sprint

    5 steps to create a business unit strategy that aligns with the business strategy.

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      Vaughan Broderick

      Vaughan Broderick

      Practice Leadership Strategy Sprint

      strategy choice cascade
      My version of Roger Martin's Strategy Choice Cascade


      Practice Leadership essential guidance to support workers enable that enables delivery of best practice support.

      At the time the Practice Leadership team was over-stretched, trying to provide the service to more than forty teams across in multiple locations.

      Project Goal

      To determine the best approach for the the current resources.


      I selected the Design Sprint (below) as the best approach due to the time constraints needed by the organisation and for its ability to get fast alignment. The Strategy Design Sprint was loosely coupled with the strategy choice cascade developed by Roger Martin.

      In practice our ‘sprint was over a four week period to enable the phases of Collect, Choose, Create, Commit.

      Design Sprints

      Tools and Techniques Used

      Collect Phase:

      • Semi-structured interviews. Interviews with stakeholders including Service Managers, Support Workers and Practice Leaders. The TEDW model was central to the type of questions asked.
      • Analogous research. Desktop research to understand the purpose of Practice Leadership and how comparable services deploy Practice Leadership
      • Service Perspective for Innovation Canvas as a co-creation tool and to create a focus for the work.

      Choosing Phase:

      • Three workshops described above, with time between to reflect and prepare for each session.
      • Sailboat technique to elicit what is moving us in the right direction and what is holding us back.
      • Dot voting was used throughout to make collective decisions.
      • Stakeholder engagement sessions to ensure the collaborative buy-in.
      Sailboat Exercise

      Creating Phase:

      • Co-creating during three workshops with the Practice Leadership team and executive management to work through ideas for answering the five strategic questions in the choice cascade.
      • We iteratively developed several tools to test in simulations and then during a two months Pilot.

      Committing Phase:

      • Committing was the part of the choosing process and was determined through a impact / effort matrix.
      • A presentation to the Service Managers to ensure collaboration.


      There were several assets that we created during the five week project:

      • Mission Model Canvas to articulate how the new strategy creates and delivers value.
      • A Deployment Matrix to select where to deploy Practice Leadership to – what teams are in most need.
      • A summary document to record the decisions and new strategy.
      • A Discovery Document for Practice Leaders to use in discovering the needs of the team.
      • A Coaching Plan for Practice Leaders to develop the plans to deliver coaching into each specific team.
      • A process visual that can be used as a training and/or communication tool during deployment
      Practice Leadership Process Visual


      The Practice Leadership team were now able to:

      • Allocate and deploy resources in a targeted way to maximise impact.
      • Increased staff satisfaction because they now have a clear vision, approach and expectations.
      • Gain confidence during deployment with the use of the assets.
      • Retain stakeholder confidence in their effort and approach.


      See you again next week.

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